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WWII Wrecks

Japanese and US war wrecks and relics from WWII. Tanks and weapons.
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WWII Sites

Current photos of key WWII locations and installations. Bunkers, command posts etc

Aerial Views

Some aerial photos of Saipan an it's main towns and reefs. Also views of WWII sites.

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Photos from Saipan

Saipan is a tropical Island located in the Western Pacific, north of the equator. It is a part of the Northern Mariana Islands (Saipan, Tinian and Rota), in Micronesia.

Saipan's first contact with the west was in the 1600's when Spanish ships stopped there on their way from New Spain (Mexico) to The Philippines. Jesuit Priests soon followed. Saipan was occupied briefly by the Germans at the turn of the 20th century then under mandate by the Japanese from 1918 until 1944.

In June 1944 the US invaded Saipan as part of it's push against the Japanese in the pacific. Saipan and Tinian would become very important in the US effort to defeat Japan in the Pacific. Both atomic bombs were loaded on to their B-29 Super Fortresses on Tinian.

Today Saipan and the North Mariana's are a Commonwealth within the USA. It is a popular diving and tourism destination for people in the Pacific and Asia.

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Panorma Views

Panoramic views of Saipan today. Take from the top of the tallest mountain on Siapan.


What tropical Island set of photos would be complete without sunsets?

Marine Life

Saipan is home to an abundance of Marine life, see some of it here.


Where is Saipan?
Saipan facts:

Saipan is located at 15 12 N, 145 45 E. A part of a chain of islands in the North Pacific Ocean, about three-quarters of the way from Hawaii to the Philippines.


Location Map
Location of SAIPAN in the Pacific

Saipan Map
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